N1 Lesson 10: 1/8
せずにはすまない せずにはすまない


Won't get away without
Won't get off without
Have to
Have no choice but to
Can’t not

⚠ It is advisable to use ざろをえない or ないわけにはいかない or similar grammar points instead as this expression is not very common.

Structure Legend
Verb[ない] + ずには + すまない
Verb[ない] + では + すまない

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(A) ずにはすまない is a formal written phrase, literally meaning that someone is "not going to get away without (A)". It is used when someone has to do something due to social norms, laws or customs. Reason for doing (A) is usually negatiive in some way.

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It's an important meeting, so I won't get away without making it on time.

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