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N1 Lesson 10: 2/22
に堪えない にたえない Cannot bear to, Cannot stand to, Too much to, Cannot go on doing, Cannot tolerate Can be written as に堪えない、に耐えない
Verb + に堪えない
Adverb + に堪えない
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  • にたえない is a phrase literally meaning "cannot bear to". It is used when one cannot look at/ listen to/read something because it is dreadful or in some way unpleasant (often brutal).
  • Affirmative form (にたえる) is used when something is worth doing. にたえない is also used (usually in the polite form, as に絶えません) with words expressing feelings to show their extreme degree 感謝にたえません (my deepest gratitude).
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Kuriyama-san's singing voice was so terrible that I couldn't bear to listen.
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