N1 Lesson 10: 5/8
にひきかえ にひきかえ


In stark contrast
In comparison
On the other hand
In sharp contrast

Structure Legend
Phrase (A)。それにひきかえ、Noun は+Phrase (B)
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(A) にひきかえ (B) is used to contrast two things/people/animals and so on subjectively. The speaker considers (A) and (B) to be complete opposites and evaluates one of them positively (usually A) and the other negatively (usually B).
The それにひきかえ pattern is the most common.
にひきかえ is used with factual clauses, so it is generally not used with expressions of conjecture like かもしれない and the like.

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In stark contrast to my mother's friend's son, who is working prominently as a lawyer, I am… (still a permanent part-timer.)
Notice that since one side of the comparison is evaluated positively, and the other negatively, the comment/description can be omitted and the reader/interlocutor will get the intended meaning from the context

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