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If… then it is all in vain, It's done, It is useless, No point, It is a waste, That's it, It is all gone,


Verb [たら] + それまでだ
Verb [ば] + それまでだ


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About それまでだ

ばそれまでだ is a hypothetical expression used when one wishes to indicate that ‘if (A) is reached, that’s as far as it will go’. This usually indicates that everything up to that point will unfortunately go to waste. Standard translations include ‘if (A), then it’s all been in vain’, ‘if (A), then all is a waste’, or ‘if (A), then there’s no point.
Although verbs combining with the conjunction particle ば is the standard form of this grammar structure. The conjunction particle たら may also occasionally be used.
  • このことが外部(がいぶ)()れればそれまでだ
    If this information gets leaked, then it’s all in vain.
  • やっとここまでたどり()いた。ここでミスを(おか)ばそれまでだ
    We finally got to this point. If we make a mistake then it’s all in vain.
  • もう(すこ)我慢(がまん)をしろ!ここで()つかったらそれまでだ
    Have a little more patience! If they find you here, that's it.
  • (かれ)らに(うった)えられたらそれまでだ
    If they sue us, that's it.
Frequently this grammar structure will be seen in sentences that include ても or でも in the first half, with ばそれまでだ coming closer to the end. This indicates that ‘even if (A), if also (B), then there’s no point’.
()われればそれまでだ is a set expression that means ‘while it is true that (A), (B)’, or ‘although certainly (A), (B)’. It is often used for politely expressing one’s personal opinion in relation to something. This phrase literally means ‘if It were to be said that it was (A), then that’s all there is to it, but (B)’.
  • 不可能(ふかのう)()われればそれまでだ。せめて一回(いっかい)でもいいから(ため)してみよう。
    If you say it's impossible, that's the end of the story. Let’s at least give it a try, even if it's just once.




    A: 'I'm studying every single day, I am so tired. I want to drop out of college...'
    B: 'But you're already in your third year! If you give up then it's all in vain.'


    No matter how big the house is, if no one lives there then it's all in vain.


    If you say that you are not interested in accepting this offer then there is no point (in discussing further), but I think you'd better think it over once again and then decide. You won't get a second chance like this.


    To a friend who is dieting: 'Even if you do your best exercising, if you eat too much every day then it's all in vain.'


    Spy movie: 'If we are discovered then it's all in vain.'

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