N1 Lesson 10: 7/8
といおうか といおうか


how to put it
how shall I put it
how should I put it
or perhaps
or maybe
call it … or

⚠ It is advisable to use というか・というか pattern instead since it is much more common and interchangeable

Structure Legend
AといおうかBといおうか + (Phrase)

where A and B can be Noun
い [Adjective]
な [Adjective] or Verb
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(A) といおうか(B) といおうか is a phrase used when the speaker is troubled over how to call something. It is often followed by a more detailed description or words indicating that matter cannot be easily expressed. It can be also used when the speaker wants to make something vaguer to avoid using strong words, especially when saying something negative. The following clause is often omitted.

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I took the wrong train the other day. I made such a blunder at that time, how shall I put it, it was funny? or perhaps troubling?... Anyway, it turned into an unforgettable memory.
the filler words like とにかく、うーん are often used with といおうか

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