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N5 Lesson 4: 2/13
い-Adjective + Noun い-Adjective + Noun Describing a noun
[い]Adjective + Noun

かわい + 猫
新し + 車
+ 冬
Part of Speech Expression
Word Type Independent Word
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品詞 表現
単語の種類 自立語
使用域 タメ語
In Japanese, almost any type of word can be attached to the beginning of a noun to modify the meaning, or describe the qualities of that noun. However, depending on the type of word used, conjugation rules will differ slightly.
For い-Adjectives, they are simply attached to the front of the noun in their standard (dictionary) form.
  • 早(はや)車(くるま)。
    A fast car.
  • 怖(こわ)先生(せんせい)。
    A scary teacher.
Caution - When identifying what an い-Adjective is, and what is not, remember that an い-Adjective’s い will always be outside of any kanji in the word.
面白(おもしろ)い - The い is outside the kanji, so it is definitely an い-Adjective.
綺麗(きれい) - The い is inside of the kanji, so it is definitely not an い-Adjective.
There are some, but very few exceptions.
嫌(きら)い - The い is outside of the kanji, but this is actually a な-Adjective.
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A new car

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