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N1 Lesson 7: 16/17
まくる 捲る like crazy, keep doing (without a second thought), nothing but, on and on, do … all around, to do a lot of, one after another, all over, keep, everything, constantly, all the time まくる is also sometimes used as a noun, using Verb[ます]+ まくり + だ pattern
Verb[ます(*) + まくる
Verb[て]+ Verb[て]+ Verb[ます(*) + まくる

(*) Verb has to be volitional
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  • (A) まくる is an auxiliary used in casual language to emphasize that subject does something continuously for a long time, or very enthusiastically, often in a wild and reckless way. By extension, it also came to mean "everything" or "completely" in some contexts. The phrase can be used in both, positive and negative contexts.
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Hayase and Naoto danced like crazy.
Repeating the verb in the てform is used for the additional emphasis.
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