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N0 Lesson 2: 12/12


If luck is on my side, If the time is right, If possible, all going well



    About あわよくば

    あわよくば is a combination of the old-fashioned い-Adjective あわよい 'convenient', 'timely', and the conjunction particle ば 'if'. It can be translated as 'if the time is right', 'if possible', or 'if luck is on my side'. Despite its roots, あわよくば is treated as a single word in modern Japanese, and is used in the same way as a typical adverb.

    あわよくば will come before a phrase expressing a desirable outcome.

    Fun Fact

    Notice that ば attaches to the く form of the い-Adjective あわよい rather than けれ, as would usually be required with modern conjugation rules. This is due to the conjugation rules for ば in relation to い-Adjectives being different in both classical and modern Japanese.




      If you win at the horse races, if you're lucky you'll become really rich!


      Member of congress: 'If possible, I want to get elected to the top spot.'


      If luck is on my side, I am thinking that I would like to be the grand champion in the beauty pageant.


      If we succeed with this scam, all going well we'll be able to become wealthy.


      Our company performance improved. If I'm lucky my salary will improve too.

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