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N0 Lesson 2: 11/12


All (positive), None (negative), Both, Whatever, Whatsoever



    About いずれも

    いずれ is a formal adverb commonly used as a part of polite language with the same meaning as words like (なに) 'what', どう 'how', どちら 'where', etc. When combined with the adverbial particle も, いずれも may be translated as 'any (A)', or 'all of (A)'. However, the more literal translation is 'how even (A)', 'where even (A)', or 'what even (A)'.


    いずれ may be seen in the kanji forms of either (いず)れ or (いず)れ, with the latter being far less common, but still relatively easy to come across in literature.

    Fun Fact

    いずれにしても, いずれにせよ, and いずれにしろ are all fairly common set-phrases that can be translated as 'in the end', 'at any rate', or 'in any case'. The more literal translation for this particular pattern is 'whatsoever comes about' and is used to express that some particular result cannot be avoided.

    • まあ、いずれにしても(わか)れる予定(よてい)だったからちょうどいいよ。
      Well, in any case, I was going to break up with him so it was good timing.
    • いずれにせよ、みんなが(あつ)まってからでないと(はなし)(すす)められません。
      At any rate, we can't continue with our discussion until everyone shows up.
    • いずれにしろ(かえ)さないといけないことになるんだから(はや)めに返済(へんさい)しな。
      In the end, you are going to have to pay it back, so you might as well start early.




      Both of your decisions are worth careful consideration.


      Both sushi and sukiyaki are Japanese dishes.


      All of those books are related to education.


      I heard that both dad and mom were born in Showa.


      Both pink and orange are bright colors.

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