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N2 Lesson 9: 4/23

and, as well as

Noun + および
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及(およ)び is a word that functions as a conjunction meaning ‘and’ or ‘as well as’, but is originally the conjunctive form of 及(およ)ぶ, an う-Verb meaning ‘to reach (A)’, or ‘to extend to (A)’. Although it is frequently translated simply as ‘and’, 及(およ)び is a grammar pattern that more literally reflects the meaning of the base verb ‘to extend to (A)’.
Being a conjunction, 及(およ)び will primarily appear at the beginning of a second clause of a sentence, or directly following a noun that something else is ‘in addition to’.
  • 免許書(めんきょしょう)及(およ)び印鑑(いんかん)を持(も)ってきてください。
    Please bring your driver's license and seal.
  • 学校(がっこう)説明会(せつめいかい)に参加(さんか)されたい方(かた)、及(およ)び体験(たいけん)入学(にゅうがく)をされたい方(かた)は8時(じ)から5時(じ)の間(あいだ)にこちらの電話番号(でんわばんごう)までお電話(でんわ)をください。
    If you would like to participate in a school information session and enroll in a trial lesson, please call this number between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • 夕食(ゆうしょく)及(およ)び朝食(ちょうしょく)は別料金(べつりょうきん)になります。
    Dinner and breakfast are charged separately.
  • 帽子(ぼうし)及(およ)びメガネは外(はず)してください。
    Hats and glasses must be removed.
As 及(およ)び is considered a formal structure, it will primarily appear in documents, articles, and notifications.
  • 当店(とうてん)の定休日(ていきゅうび)は月曜日(げつようび)及(およ)び水曜日(すいようび)となっています。
    We are closed on Mondays extending to Wednesdays.
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