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Only, Slightly, A little, Barely, Merely


わずかに + Phrase


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About 僅かに

(わず)か is a な-Adjective in Japanese that is often used adverbially at the beginning of sentences in order to indicate an excessively small amount of something. (わず)か itself may be translated as 'trifling', or 'meager', with the adverbial variant being interpreted as 'merely', 'barely', or 'slightly'.
As an adverb, (わず)か will appear as (わず)かに.
  • この建物(たてもの)真下(ました)からみると、わずかに(かたむ)いているように()える。
    This building appears to tilt slightly when viewed from directly below.
  • (となり)(ひと)のテレビの(おと)わずかに()こえる。
    I can slightly hear the sound of my neighbor's TV.
  • 建物(たてもの)建物(たてもの)(あいだ)から富士山(ふじさん)わずかに()えた。
    Mt. Fuji was slightly visible between the buildings.
Due to (わず)か highlighting an extremely small amount of something, it is often used when the speaker is trying to be modest in indicating that something is nothing more than a trifling amount, such as the difference between their and another's opinions.
  • (はじ)めた(ころ)(くら)べると、(わず)かに上手(じょうず)になった(かん)じがします。
    Compared to when I started, I feel I am only slightly better.


  • そのグループの(なか)から準決勝(じゅんけっしょう)進出(しんしゅつ)する選手(せんしゅ)わずかに(にん)です。

    Only four players will advance to the semifinals from this group.

  • 子供(こども)(ころ)この(とお)りにそって(ある)いて()と、子供(こども)(あそ)んでいるのが()えたものだ。(にぎ)やか(まち)だった。

    During my childhood, when I went along this street I used to see children playing.
    It used to be a lively town. Now, I barely see anyone.

  • LINUXのインタフェイスはWINDOWSのとわずかに(こと)なる

    Linux's interface slightly differs from Windows'.

  • 彼女(かのじょ)とはわずかに意見(いけん)(ちが)

    (My) opinion differs slightly from her's.

  • ()ているけど、わずかに(かたち)(ちが)ような()がした。

    They look similar, but I had a feeling that their shapes were slightly different.

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