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The last と in a group is generally omitted.

Noun +
Part of Speech Particle
Word Type Case Marking Particle
Register Standard
品詞 助詞
単語の種類 格助詞
使用域 一般
is a particle that is often thought of as meaning ‘and’ in English, which is quite often how it can be translated. In a broader sense, simply shows that there is a relationship of ‘compilation’ between (A) and (B). That relationship could be existing together (translated as ‘and’), or performing an action together (translated as ‘with’).
  • ピーナッツビール。
    Peanuts and beer.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)食(た)べ
    I eat with my girlfriend.
is required after every noun that it is grouped with. However, the last in a sentence will often be omitted, if there are several.
  • 消(け)しゴムペン鉛筆(えんぴつ)
    There is an eraser, pen, and a pencil too.
In this example, we can see that the last noun in the group (pencil) does not require the particle , although it is considered more correct to have it. In conversation, the last will almost always be omitted.
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Fish and bananas
This and that are mine.
Mary and Takeshi and Robert are college students.
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