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N2 Lesson 7: 15/21

just because

Verb + からいって
[い]Adjective + からいって
[な]Adjective + からいって
Noun + からいって
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からといって is a grammar pattern in Japanese comprised of the conjunction particle から ‘from’, と, and the て-form of the う-Verb 言(い)う ‘to say’. It is usually translated to ‘just because (A)’, and will indicate that the underlying reason of (A) does not necessarily mean that (B) is also true, or that (B) is not good.
As this grammar structure often includes a negative statement in the (B) part of the sentence, the more literal translation is closer to ‘from saying that (A), doesn’t mean (B)’. This simply focuses the nuance on that (A) does not equal (B), despite what one may think.
からといって may appear after verbs and い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives and nouns that are followed by だ.
  • たくさん勉強(べんきょう)をしたからといって、テストに合格(ごうかく)するとは限(かぎ)らない。
    Just because you studied a lot doesn’t mean that you will pass the test.
  • 公園(こうえん)が広(ひろ)いからと言(い)って、犬(いぬ)の放(はな)し飼(が)いをしてもいいと言(い)うわけではない。
    Just because the park is spacious doesn't mean that dogs are allowed off leash.
  • 丈夫(じょうぶ)だからといって、雑(ざつ)に扱(あつか)えば必(かなら)ず壊(こわ)れます。
    Just because it is sturdy, it will definitely break if you handle it roughly.
  • 日本人(にほんじん)だからといって、漢字(かんじ)を書(か)けるとは限(かぎ)らない。
    Just because someone is Japanese doesn’t mean that they can write kanji.
In most cases, からといって will be used for giving strong opinions, or for criticism of someone’s actions or behavior.
Caution - It is not rare to see からといって abbreviated as either からとて, or からって. There is no change in meaning in either of these cases, but they are more colloquial.
  • 日本(にほん)に2年(ねん)間(かん)住(す)んでいたからとて、日本語(にほんご)が話(はな)せるとは限(かぎ)らない。
    Just because someone has lived in Japan for 2 years doesn't mean that they can speak Japanese.
  • 暑(あつ)いからって、そんなに休憩(きゅうけい)ばかりしていたら仕事(しごと)が進(すす)まないだろ。
    Just because it’s hot, if you keep taking so many breaks, you will never get your job done.
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Discriminating against someone just because they are poor is against our school policy.
Dad often goes shopping, buys too much, just because it is cheap, and the food ends up going spoiled.
Recently people are only eating unhealthy fast-food just because it is convenient. I think that is not a good thing.

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