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N5 Lesson 4: 12/13

がある + (Noun)

Noun (B) that has Noun (A), Noun (B) with Noun (A)


Noun + がある (1) + Noun

(1) のある


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About がある + Noun

In this expression, がある has the role of describing the noun that follows it. The description that it is giving is '(A) がある (B)' = '(B) has/with (A)'. This type of phrase is called a relative clause (something that describes a noun), and behaves similarly to an adjective.

In English, a relative clause would require a pronoun such as 'who' (だれ), 'which' どれ, 'that' それ・あれ, 'where' どこ. However, these types of words are not required in Japanese, and the noun will follow がある directly.


In a relative clause, because (A) is describing (B), (B) will be considered the 'main topic/subject'. This means that will generally not be used in place of . However, can be used instead of , as showing a relationship between (A) and (B) is one of the main functions of .

  • 漫画(まんが)はある本屋(ほんや)。(Unnatural Japanese, unless you're making the point that there is something else that this bookstore doesn't have. This is an advanced use of は)
    A book store that... well... it has manga.
  • 綺麗(きれい)(かわ)のある(やま)。(Natural Japanese, but less common than )
    A mountain with a beautiful river.



  • ベッドがある部屋(へや)

    A room that has a bed.

    • たくさん(やす)がある(がつ)()

      I like the month of May with its many holidays.

      • 綺麗(きれい)(いけ)がある公園(こうえん)

        A park with a beautiful pond.

        • (いえ)がある(ひと)

          People who have a house.

          • 冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)がある台所(だいどころ)

            A kitchen with a refrigerator.

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