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関西弁 Lesson 1: 9/21

くない ⇒ ない

Is not



[い]Adjective[くない]+ ない


    About くない ⇒ ない

    In 関西弁(かんさいべん), the conjunctive form of adjectives that interacts with ない can be altered slightly. This alteration results in く being dropped, and ない being connected directly to the adjective stem. This form of negative adjectives may be used with any structure that would usually have the く alteration when being conjugated (except ない itself).
    ない continues to have the same role as it does in standard Japanese, stating that something is 'not (A)'.
    • なんか今日(きょう)(さむ)ない
      Don't you think it's kind of cold today?
    • この()(すご)ない五歳(ごさい)なのに(わたし)より(おど)のがうまい
      Isn't this kid impressive? He's only 5, but he can dance better than I can.
    As mentioned, this construction is used with words that conjugate via く, regardless of whether they are technically adjectives or not. This can be seen with the auxiliary verb たい, which conjugates like an い-Adjective, but is not one.
    • あんな田舎(いなか)()みたない
      I don't want to live in the countryside like that.
    • (おれ)()ないけど、タケルそんな()たいなら(おれ)一緒(いっしょ)()
      I don't want to watch it, but if you want to watch it that much, I'll tag along.
    While へん is a very common way of expressing the negative in the Kansai region (with verbs), it may not be used with adjectives!
    • この(ちゃ)(つめ)たへん。(Unnatural)
      This tea isn't cold.
    • (なに)()ってる、あんた全然(ぜんぜん)(ふと)へんやんか。(Unnatural)
      What are you saying, you are not fat at all.


    • コーヒーは(あつ)くなかったです。

      The coffee was not hot.

    • サッカーをしたくない

      I don't want to play soccer.

    • 運動(うんどう)したけど、(あつ)くない

      I exercised but I'm not hot.

    • 漢字(かんじ)(おぼ)えたくない

      I don't want to remember kanji. (I don't want to learn kanji)

    • この部屋(へや)(せま)くない

      This room isn't narrow/small.

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