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Something is possible, Sometimes, Occasionally, There are times when

Different meaning from


Verb[る](1) + こと + (2)ある
[い]Adjective + こと + (2)ある
[な]Adjective + + こと + (2)ある

(1) Verb[ない]


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About ことがある

ことがある is an expression in Japanese that combines the noun こと with the case marking particle が, and the う - Verb, ある. It is often translated as 'to be possible', 'to occasionally occur', or 'to sometimes occur'. However, the more literal translation of ことがある is '(A) is a thing that exists'.
ことがある may be paired with the attributive form of any other word.
  • この(うま)(ひと)()ことがあるので(うま)(うし)ろに()ないで(くだ)さい
    This horse kicks people sometimes, so please don't stand behind him.
  • タナカ先生(せんせい)授業(じゅぎょう)はたまに(たの)しいことがある
    There are times where Mr. Tanaka's classes are fun.
  • 仕事(しごと)だいたい大変(たいへん)けれども、たまには(らく)ことがある
    Work is usually difficult, but there are times where it is easy.
Occasionally, が may be replaced by も. In these situations, it implies that '(A) is also a thing that exists'. Basically this just highlights that (A) is something that needs to be considered (among other things).
  • 仕事(しごと)(たの)しいけど大変(たいへん)こともある
    Work is fun, but there are times where it gets difficult.
  • 先生(せんせい)はいつも(おこ)ているけど(やさ)しいこともある
    Our teacher is always angry, but there are times when he is nice.
ことがある differs from たことがある (a phrase commonly paired with the past form of verbs). たことがある highlights a single event in which the (A) verb was completed. However, when the verb is not in past form, it simply implies that there are 'times' when the verb happens, as opposed to a single/specific time.
  • (しゅう)に1(かい)ペースラーメン()べることがある
    There are times when I go to eat ramen once a week.
  • このラーメンは()たことがある(おも)
    I think I have eaten this ramen before.




    I sometimes get a ride to school.


    There are times when my friend sleeps until two in the afternoon.


    There are days where I eat ramen two or three times.


    There are times that I teach Japanese to my friend.


    There are times when I want to warn my roommate about his rude behavior. However, I am just too timid.

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