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N1 Lesson 9: 4/20


Ended up not, Did not (in the end), Never did

originates from the voiced verb[stem] form of しまう. Very often used in past form.


Verb[ない+ + じまい


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About ずじまい

ずじまい is a grammar structure that combines the literary form of the classical auxiliary verb ぬ, ず 'not', and the voiced conjunctive form of the う-Verb しまう 'to finish', or 'to bring to a close', じまい. Like しまう, ずじまい will often indicate regret at something ending up a certain way. However, this regret is about '(A) not happening', due to the negation provided by ず.
This structure will be used following the indeterminate form of verbs. Common translations include 'to end up not (A)', and 'to not have done (A) in the end'.
  • マウンテンバイクを()ったが、使(つか)ずじまい()ってしまった。
    I bought a mountain bike, but I ended up selling it without using it.
  • コンサートのチケットを()ったが、色々(いろいろ)とやることがあって()ずじまいだった。
    I bought the ticket to the concert, but I had a lot on my plate so I ended up not going.
  • 日本(にほん)使(つか)うために電子(でんし)辞書(じしょ)()っていったが、()(はこ)ぶのが面倒(めんどう)だったから結局(けっきょく)使(つか)ずじまいだった。
    I brought my electronic dictionary to Japan to use it there, but I ended up not using it because it was a pain to carry it.
ずじまい will often be followed by だった or でした, indicating that (A) was not something that turned out happening, despite the wishes or intentions of the doer.
As is always the case with ず, する will be altered to せず.
  • ()きな()告白(こくはく)ずじまいで、高校(こうこう)卒業(そつぎょう)してしまった。
    I ended up graduating highschool without confessing my feelings to the girl I liked.




    A: 'I ended up not doing it, and the new school term started.'
    B: 'What did you not do?'
    A: 'The summer homework...'


    'I planned to go to the cinema with Uzaki, but I couldn't get away from work, so I ended up not going.'


    Novel: 'I tried to investigate the cause of the accident, but I ended up not discovering anything.'


    'I stood for 10 hours in line to buy the new 愛Phone, but when my turn came, it turned out that the color I wanted had already sold out, so I ended up not buying it.'


    'I bought lots of Japanese textbooks, but I ended up not using them.'

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