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If you ask, In … opinion, According to

に言わせたら is less common than に言わせれば and に言わせると.から is sometimes used instead of に (から言わせれば).


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About に言わせれば・に言わせると・に言わせたら

()わせれば is a structure that will be attached to nouns, in order to indicate a person or group that is giving a strong opinion. It is usually translated as 'if you ask (A), (B)', or 'according to (A), (B)'. The literal meaning is 'if (A) is allowed to speak, (B)', as this pattern is just a combination of the case-marking particle に, the う-Verb ()う 'to say' followed by the hypothetical form of the auxiliary verb せる, せれ 'to allow to do', and the conjunction particle ば.
To use this structure, simply attach it to the end of a noun marking the person or group whose opinion is being given.
  • (わたし)()わせれば5キロを25(ふん)(はし)るのは簡単(かんたん)だ。
    If you ask me, running 5km in 25 minutes is easy.
  • (わたし)はあのパーソナルトレーナーは(きび)しすぎると(おも)ったが、(かれ)()わせれば優しすぎるらしい。
    I thought that that personal trainer was too strict, but according to him, he is apparently too nice.
  • 専門家(せんもんか)()わせれば、もっと(はや)対応(たいおう)をするべきだったそうです。
    According to a specialist, we should have dealt with it earlier.
Other hypothetical structures such as と and たら may also be used, but ば is the most common. Additionally, this pattern may sound self-important, so is best used sparingly, especially when giving your own opinions.
Occasionally, から will be used instead of に.
  • (わたし)から()わせれば、なんでそんなことして(ゆる)されると(おも)ったのかがわからない。
    In my opinion, I don't know why they thought they would be forgiven after doing such a thing.
With the auxiliary verbs せる and させる, it will be important to remember that に tends to be mark the doer when they are being allowed to do something, as in this case, while を will be used more frequently when the doer is being made to do something.




    If you ask me, the smartphone you bought is a defective product. It has fallen apart 3 times already!


    According to the German side, the Australian companies were opposed to cooperation from the beginning.


    From the company's point of view, the results might be considered a failure, but it does not mean it was a complete failure, at least if you ask me.


    For you it might be funny, but if you ask me, it is just rude.


    According to Mr. Takeda, youth these days do not respect their elders at all.

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      に言わせれば・に言わせると・に言わせたら – Grammar Discussion

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        Are 言わせれば and 言われば interchangeable? It feels like they shouldn’t be. In the explanation it doesn’t say anything about 言われば, but most of the examples list it as a possible answer.


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