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Because of that, So?, And then?, Therefore, With that


Phrase (A)。 それ + Phrase (B)


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About それで

Like それに, それで is another conjunction that is regularly considered to be one word in Japanese, but is more correctly just a combination of the pronoun それ, and the case marking particle .
The thing that それ is 'substituting' for is the entire clause/sentence that came before it, while highlights that 'with that', or 'by means of that'. In this way, it translates to 'therefore', 'because of that', or 'with that' where 'that' is the previous information. それで is frequently used at the beginning of a second sentence, to highlight the information from the first.
  • (わたし)子供(こども)ころ医者(いしゃ)さん(いのち)(すく)われそれで医者(いしゃ)になろう(おも)
    A doctor saved my life when I was a child. Due to that, I became determined to be a doctor.
  • (かれ)電車(でんしゃ)(なか)痴漢(ちかん)したそれで(かれ)警察(けいさつ)(つか)まっ
    He groped someone on the train. As a result of that, he got arrested by the cops.
You may also see それでは. in this case is the conjunctive form of (the auxiliary verb). Due to this, the meaning is closer to 'well then', 'in that case', or 'if so'. This では is also frequently shortened to じゃ.
  • サリー世界中(せかいじゅう)ほとんど(くに)()たことがあるそれで旅行会社(りょこうがいしゃ)(はたら)ことにした
    Sally has been to most countries in the world. Because of that, she decided to work at a travel agency.
  • それでは会議(かいぎ)(はじ)ます
    Well then, I will start the meeting.
  • それじゃミク()ないの?
    In that case, Miku, are you not coming?




    In this area, numerous cherry trees are growing. Because of that, it has become a popular tourist attraction where many foreigners come to view cherry blossoms.


    Kyoko: 'Yesterday, we went on a date for the first time.'
    Akemi: 'Oh yeah? And then? What happened?'


    This snake is one of (many) venomous species. Because of that, it is considered extremely dangerous.


    Izuku-san was often bullied as a child. Therefore, he is now an ally of the weak.


    Kyoko: 'After that, we went to a movie. '
    Akemi: 'And then? Did something happen?'

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