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For that reason, because of that, to that end

そのため + (に) + Phrase
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そのために is a frequently used 接続詞(せつぞくし) (conjunction) in Japanese that utilizes その, the 名詞(めいし) (noun) ため ‘reason’ (occasionally seen as 為(ため)), and the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) . そのために is most commonly translated as ‘for that reason’, or ‘to that end’.
そのために will be used at the beginning of a new sentence, to highlight something that will be done/occur due to the circumstances/goal of something in the first sentence. is often omitted.
  • ハマダさんはとても釣(つ)りが好(す)きですそのため毎朝(まいあさ)仕事(しごと)に行(い)く前(まえ)に、釣(つ)りに行(い)っています
    Hamada-san loves fishing. For that reason, he does it every morning before he goes to work.
  • 日本(にほん)は高齢化(こうれいか)進(すす)んでいるそのため、子供(こども)生(う)まれたら政府(せいふ)からお金(かね)もらえる。
    Japan's population continues to age. To that end, when a child is born, you receive money from the government.
ため is very similar to ‘sake’ in English, and tends to be used far more frequently when referring to goals/positive outcomes, than it is for negative outcomes. However, it may still occasionally be used in negative circumstances, to highlight their (unfortunate) result.
  • 子供達(こどもたち)はなん不自由(ふじゆう)もない生活(せいかつ)てほしいそのために毎日(まいにち)夜遅(よるおそ)くまで仕事(しごと)ている
    I want my kids to have a life without any struggles. For the sake of that, I work until late at night everyday.
  • 新(あたら)しい車(くるま)が欲(ほ)しいけど今(いま)は住宅(じゅうたく)ローン精一杯(せいいっぱい)。そのために車(くるま)買(か)うの我慢(がまん)している
    I want a new car, but I am struggling to pay my mortgage. For that reason, I am holding off on doing it.
Fun Fact
為(ため) is an exceptionally flexible kanji in Japanese. In addition to ため it is occasionally used for する ‘to do’, なる ‘to become’, なす ‘to bring about’, and つくる ‘to make’. The kanji itself means ‘to put (something) to use’, with heavy emphasis on whatever new state/result will be arrived at afterwards. This meaning can be seen reflected in all of 為(ため)’s readings.
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I am a railway "enthusiast". I take pictures of a variety of trains, because of that I sometimes pull all-nighters.
I will make her dream a reality. For that reason I want to do all I can (to help).
I am pressed for time in submitting my report. For that reason I will not be able to go out for a while.

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