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関西弁 Lesson 1: 1/21

だ ⇒ や

To be, Am, Are, Is



[な]Adjective +
Noun +


    About だ ⇒ や

    One of the most basic changes that takes place in 関西弁(かんさいべん) is that of the auxiliary verb . is replaced directly by, with keeping exactly the same meaning (asserting that something is true).
    As is a replacement for , it will follow all of the same conjugation rules. This means that it will mostly be seen after な-Adjectives, or nouns. It should not be attached to verbs or い-Adjectives, unless as part of a set expression.
    • あんた(こと)()
      I like you.
    • やっぱりあの(ひと)綺麗(きれい)
      Afterall, that person is beautiful. (Whenever I see that person, I am reminded of their beauty)
    • あ、黒猫(くろねこ)
      Look, it's a black cat!
    • (わたし)()きなパンこれ
      This is the bread that I like.
    will regularly be seen in many of the same conjugation patterns as , meaning that it conjugates in the same way. A few examples of this are やろ(だろ), やったら(だったら), and やけど(だけど).
    • この(くつ)可愛(かわい)やろ。
      Don't you think these shoes are cute?
    • 明日(あした)やったら()ける
      If it's tomorrow, I can go.
    • 本当(ほんとう)仕事(しごと)(やす)みたいけど人手(ひとで)()りないから全然(ぜんぜん)(やす)めない
      To be honest, I want a day off, but since we are shorthanded, I can't.
    As with standard Japanese, particles are regularly dropped in 関西弁(かんさいべん). This means that many sentences may appear almost exactly the same as they would in standard Japanese, purely due to omission of the particles that would be different.




      It is here or there.


      This is your book.


      Here is good, right? / Probably, here is good.


      I eat a banana at 9 o'clock.


      No, thank you. (I'm good thank you)

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