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関西弁 Lesson 1: 4/21

じゃないか ⇒ やんか

Isn't it?, Doesn't it?, Don't you?



Phrase + やんか


    About じゃないか ⇒ やんか

    When やん (an expression similar to でしょう) is paired with the sentence ending particle か, it slightly changes the nuance to something similar to じゃないか. This means that it can be translated as 'isn't it?'.
    Although やんか is a combination of や (acting as an auxiliary verb), の (shortened to ん), and か (both acting as sentence ending particles), やんかis treated as a stand alone statement that may be attached to the end of almost any sentence, regardless of regular conjugation rules.
    • 田中君(たなかくん)(ちい)さいくせ結構(けっこう)()べるやんか
      Tanaka-kun despite being so small, you eat so much, don't you?
    • そんな(つよ)(なぐ)らんで、(いた)やんか
      Don't punch me that hard, it hurts.
    • (かね)どう使(つか)(おれ)自由(じゆう)やんか
      I am free to use my money how I want, aren't I? (Why do you care how I use my money?)
    • あの(ひと)映画(えいが)()やんか
      That person appeared in a movie, didn't they?
    Occasionally, か may be replaced by かいさ. やんかいさ is similar to やんか, except that it more strongly conveys that the speaker is looking for an answer, or extra information. Additionally, やんかいさis more common in 京都(きょうと), as opposed to やんか, which is more common in 大阪(おおさか) (both cities within the 関西(かんさい) area.
    • あの(ねこ)(となり)(ねこ)やんかいさ
      That cat is the neighbor's cat, isn't it?
    • 携帯(けいたい)()つからへんの?お(まえ)あほやな、()もってるやんかいさ
      You can't find your cell phone? You're an idiot. Isn't that your cell phone that you are holding in your hand?




      You like dogs, don't you?


      Tanaka-san doesn't like sushi does he/she? If that is the case, someplace other than kaiten-sushi would be good for birthday celebrations.


      This is a green apple isn't it? I only eat red apples.


      It got hard (to do), didn't it?


      That hat is my hat isn't it?

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