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Properly, Neatly, Orderly, Sufficiently, Decently


ちゃん(1) + Phrase
ちゃん(1) + した + Noun
ちゃん(1) + している

(1) きちん


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About ちゃんと・きちんと

In Japanese, two 副詞(ふくし) (adverbs) that are used to express very similar ideas are ちゃんと, and きちんと. These words may be used either at the beginning of a sentence (to modify the meaning of the whole sentence), or before verbs. ちゃんと and きちんと both translate quite closely to 'properly', or 'neatly'.
  • ちゃんと宿題(しゅくだい)した?
    Did you properly do your homework?
  • ちゃんと野菜(やさい)()なさい
    Properly eat your vegetables too!
  • 今度(こんど)からはもっとちゃんとした(くるま)()おう。
    From now on, I should buy a proper car. (From now on, I'm not going to cheap out on a car)
  • 結婚式(けっこんしき)きちんとした服装(ふくそう)()てください
    Please come to the wedding dressed properly.
Fun Fact
Historically, ちゃんと was also used to convey 'quickly'. However, it is almost never used for this purpose in modern Japanese. Despite this, both ちゃんと and きちんと do have a slight nuance of doing something 'without dawdling'. This can mostly be attributed to the base meaning of 'properly' also implying that something is not done lazily.
  • 社長(しゃちょう)()たぞ。ちゃんと()て。
    The CEO is here. Stand up, quick! (Stand up now, quickly, don't slouch)
  • (あそ)()(まえ)きちんと部屋(へや)掃除(そうじ)なさい
    You have to clean your room properly before you go out and play.




    Mother speaking to her child: 'Clean your room properly before grandma comes!'

    部下(ぶか):「はい! わかりました、次長(じちょう)!」

    Gentle vice-director: 'It's lunch, so take a proper break.'
    Subordinate: 'Yes! Understood, vice-director!'


    A parent is asking a child: 'Have you properly done your homework?'


    Part-time job interview: 'I want to find a proper job so that I can live by myself.' (decent)


    A teacher speaks to a student about the way of writing: 'This word is hard to read. Let's write it more neatly (properly).'

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