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N3 Lesson 10: 14/20

what is…again?, was it... that... ?, did you say...?

While Verb[る] + ん/の + だ/だった + っけ should be used, younger generation of Japanese simply uses Verb[る] + っけ

Verb[た]+ っけ
Verb[る]+ (1) + っけ
[い]Adjective[た]+ っけ
[な]Adjective + だった(2) + っけ
Noun + だった(2) + っけ

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使用域 タメ語
is a sentence ending particle in Japanese that is used to convey when the speaker is trying to either remember, or confirm information that they have forgotten. In this way, it is very similar to the 'again' in 'what is (A) again?'
may only be used after the past form of the auxiliary verbs だ or た. This means that け (should) only be seen as だっけ or たっけ.
  • 今日(きょう)朝(あさ)は朝(あさ)ご飯(はん)食(た)べたっけ
    Did I eat breakfast this morning?
  • あれ、テイラー車(くるま)って青(あお)かったっけ
    Um, Taylor, was your car blue, again?
  • 土曜日(どようび)って暇(ひま)だっけ
    Was I free on Saturday, again?
  • あの人(ひと)誰(だれ)だっけ。やばい、思(おも)い出(だ)せない
    Who was that again? Shoot, I can't remember.
It is also common to see のだ and んだ utilized to make verb tenses a possibility.
  • クミコって納豆(なっとう)食(た)べれるんだっけ
    Kumiko, were you able to eat natto again?
  • レポート修正(しゅうせい)は君(きみ)やってるんだっけ
    You are the one editing the paper, right?
Despite the grammar rules related to っけ, the younger generation quite often uses it without the addition of んだ (especially with verbs).
  • トムって日本語(にほんご)話(はな)せるっけ
    Tom, were you able to speak Japanese again?
  • この道(みち)って通(とお)れるっけ
    Were we able to take this road again?
While it is important to understand that this is still っけ, it is not a grammatically correct form that may be used in writing (or formal speaking).
Fun Fact
け will sound equally natural when asking a rhetorical question to yourself, or when directly asking another person about something that you have forgotten.
  • あれ、カギ掛(か)けたっけ
    Umm, did I lock the door? (Asking oneself)
  • あそこレストランって犬(いぬ)連(つ)れていけるっけ
    Do you remember if we could take our dogs to that restaurant over there? (Asking another)
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Did you say that you had met Tom's friend?
Who was it that gave the talk about Japanese culture?
Was it that you had something like that at home?
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