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Even if I have to, By any or all means, No matter what

Often used in manga


Verb[て]+ でも


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About てでも

てでも is a combination of the conjunction-particle て, and the prefix adverbial particle でも. Regular interpretations include 'no matter what', or 'even if I have to (A)'. When connected to verbs, てでも just emphasizes that 'even if (A) needs to be done, it will be', and expresses the speaker's strong determination to do something, regardless of what the consequences are, or how difficult it might be.
  • あの最新(さいしん)のノートパソコンは(たか)いお(かね)(はら)てでも()()れたい。
    I want that laptop, even if I have to pay a lot of money for it.
  • (さむ)(なか)(なら)ででもあそこのラーメンを()べてみたい。
    I want to eat their ramen, even if I have to line up in the cold.
  • このレポートは徹夜(てつや)てでも()わらせなければいけない。
    I need to finish this essay, even if it means that I need to stay up all night.
Due to てでも expressing strong will, it will often be seen in sentences that include other phrases that mark desire or intent, such as ほしい, たい, and ようと(おも)う.
Fun-fact - Although てでも is considered a fairly slang expression due to the use of てでも rather than the usual ても that would be expected of a verb, the construction itself of て-form partnered with an adverbial particle is quite common, and often marks emphasis or comparison. This can be seen very regularly with ては in patterns like てはいけない or てはだめ.




    Even if I have to spend time and effort, I want to become fluent in Japanese.


    I am exhausted, but even if I faint, by any means, I will play this match till the end.


    Even if I have to work unpaid overtime, I am going to work for this company.


    No matter what it takes, I want to become a pirate king!


    Even if it becomes so that I have to eat nothing but cheap ramen until the end of the month, I want this game.

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