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If so, Well (then), In that case


それ )+ では(1) + Phrase

(1) じゃあじゃ


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About では・それでは・じゃあ

では and じゃあ are both abbreviations of それでは, and used as conjunctions in Japanese. This structure may be considered as a combination of それ, the case marking particle で, and the binding (adverbial) particle は, but is commonly treated as a single word.
それでは has two primary functions. It can be used to continue in the same topic, showing that '(B) is a result of (A)'. Or it may be used to change the conversation topic completely, showing that '(A) is at a good point to become (B)'. In each of these cases, it can be translated as 'and with that' in English. 'If so', 'well then', and 'in that case' are also common translations.
  • それでは、あなたは()くないという(こと)ですか?
    In that case, you mean that you don't want to go?
  • では、こちら商品(しょうひん)はどうでしょう
    Well then, how about this product over here?
  • 用意(ようい)できた?じゃあ、5(ふん)()よう
    Are you ready? In that case let's leave in 5 minutes.
The translation of 'in that case' is most commonly used when one person is making an assumption/drawing a conclusion about something that someone else has just said.
  • それでは、あなたやったってことでいいですね?
    In that case, would it be correct to say that you did it?
Fun Fact
それでは, では, and じゃあ are also frequently used as a polite way to say 'goodbye'. In these situations, it comes across in a similar way to 'well…. I best be off' in English.
  • では(わたし)これ失礼(しつれい)します。
    Well, this will be when I'm going to excuse myself.




    Well, let's meet again next Tuesday.


    In that case, please think about it before we meet again.


    Well then, I will take my leave.


    Well then, on to the next question!


    Well then, I'm going to tell you the plans for tomorrow, so please write it down.

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では・それでは・じゃあ – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • ggw1776


    Still not all that clear on the grammar page on the different levels. It lists those like you say, but I had the following:
    それじゃ was listed as too casual, but it accepted じゃあ

  • Daru


    That’s because じゃあ is a tad more formal than それじゃ!

  • Jackalopalen


    Just came to this point and it brought back some memories.

    I’m an ALT. A homeroom teacher I worked with a couple of years ago had her own unique way of saying this (at least I’ve never heard anyone else say it):


    She must’ve said it at least half a dozen times every lesson and I and the students would lightly tease her about it (all in good fun). It definitely rubbed off though and I find myself saying it occasionally

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