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About the same as, About as, No less


Noun + (おな) + くらい(1)
Noun + (おな) + くらい(1) + + Noun

(1) ぐらい


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About と同じくらい

As a combination of the case marking particle と, the noun (おな)じ 'the same', and the adverbial particle くらい. と(おな)じくらい is an expression used to highlight that something is 'about the same as (A)'.
To use と(おな)じくらい, attach it to the end of a noun that you want to highlight as being the prime example, with whatever is comparable to it coming later in the sentence, or directly attached through the case marking particle の.
  • (かれ)パソコンはプリンター(おな)じぐらい(おお)きい。
    His computer is about as big as his printer.
  • 先生(せんせい)昨日(きのう)(おな)じぐらい(いた)です
    Doctor, it hurts about the same as yesterday.
  • あの(ひと)(くるま)(おな)じぐらいスピード(はし)れる。
    He can run at about the same speed as a car.
  • (いま)()ている(いぬ)(おな)じぐらいサイズワンチャン()しいです
    I want a puppy that is about the same size as the one I have now.
If you want to express that an action is being performed in 'almost the same way' as (A), may replace の, after くらい.
  • 値段(ねだん)(おな)じぐらいになるのなら、もっといい()います。
    If the price is going to be about the same, I will buy the better one.
  • あの(おんな)(ひと)はお(かあ)さん(おな)じぐらい()えたけど年齢(ねんれい)()たら祖母(ばあ)ちゃんと(おな)(どし)だった
    That lady looked about the same age as my mother, but when I asked her her, she was the same age as my grandma.




    This recipe seems easy. The degree of difficulty is about the same as scrambled eggs.


    Our Pochi is about the same size as this box.


    Shop clerk:「I am awfully sorry, but the cost of repairing this smartphone is about the same as buying a new device, therefore buying a new device would be more economical.」


    One day, I want to be about the same height as Tomoki.


    This bike is made from carbon fiber, so it weighs about the same as a laptop.

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