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~ness, used to indicate conditions or nature

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み is a common suffix in Japanese that has the role of transforming adjectives into nouns. This is often translated as '(A)ness' in English, but has a few small differences.
To use み, attach it to the stem form of either い-Adjectives or な-Adjectives. The 語幹(ごかん) (stem form) being the form with い removed (for い-Adjectives), or な removed (for な-Adjectives).
  • 温(あたた)かみのある家(いえ)住(す)みたい
    I want to live in a house with warmth.
  • 大人(おとな)なってから将棋(しょうぎ)楽(たの)しみ分(わ)かってきた
    Since becoming an adult, I understand shogi's fun.
  • この色(いろ)からこのフルーツ新鮮(しんせん)みかじられる。
    From the color of this fruit, you can see its freshness.
  • 友達(ともだち)大切(たいせつ)みわかった。
    Now, I understand the importance of friends.
み's differences from ~ness are as follows. み is used to highlight the 'condition', or 'place' in which something exists in a constant state. Therefore, it will not be used to highlight varying degrees of ~ness, only innate qualities that are not being specifically measured.
  • どれぐらい辛(から)み物(もの)食(た)べられる?
    What's the hotness of something that you can eat? (Unnatural, as どれぐらい implies an amount, rather than a quality)
  • このケーキ甘(あま)みちょうどいい
    The sweetness of this cake is perfect. (Natural, as this just means the 'type' of sweetness, rather than the 'level')
In addition to this, み is sometimes used directly as a substitute for 味(み), the kanji meaning 'taste'. In these cases, み tends to describe a quality of something that can be sensed (such as taste or color).
  • 昆布(こんぶ)旨味(うまみ)がちゃんと出(で)てる!
    The flavor of the kelp is really coming out! (The savory quality, rather than the intensity of savory flavor)
  • 髪(かみ)染(そ)めてから、赤(あか)みなくなった。
    After dying my hair, the redness has gone away. (The red quality, rather than the intensity of redness)
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I can taste the deliciousness of the fish in this soup, right?
Let's become people who can understand the pain of others.
I don't want to show others my weakness.
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