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N3 Lesson 3: 13/22


Although ~ might say that ~


Verb + ()っても
[い]Adjective + ()っても
[な]Adjective + () + ()っても
Noun + () + ()っても


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About ~と言っても

As a construction that combines と()う (presenting the previous statement as a quotation) and ても, meaning 'even if (A)', or 'even though (A)', ()っても will mean 'even if I say (A)', or 'although I say (A)'. This expression is used when the speaker wants to highlight (A), but draw the listener's attention to (B), in order to clarify something.
This expression may be used after any word in almost any tense, due to the case marking particle と is being used in its quotation role. However, な-Adjectives and nouns will sometimes be followed by (although it is regularly omitted).
  • 毎日(まいにち)(はし)()っても、15(ふん)しか(はし)らないよ。
    Although I say I run every day, I only run for 15 minutes.
  • (から)()ってもピリ(から)から、あなたでも()べれる(おも)よ。
    Even though I say it is spicy, it is only slightly spicy, so I think you should be able to eat it.
  • この(にく)新鮮(しんせん)()っても、3()(まえ)()ったからそんなに新鮮(しんせん)ではない。
    Although I say this meat is fresh, I bought it 3 days ago, so it is not that fresh.
  • 新幹線(しんかんせん)()ってもこだま()からそんなに(はや)()かない(おも)
    Although I say I'm going by shinkansen, I will be riding the Kodama, so I don't think I will get there that fast.
Fun Fact
()う is a う - Verb that focuses on what can be said about something, rather than specifically what one person is saying. Due to this, if no speaker is identified with が, then ()っても could mean 'although some might say (A)', or 'even though it is said that (A)'.
  • 危険(きけん)()ってもおかしくない
    Although some might say that it is dangerous, it's not that strange. (It is safe to say that it is dangerous)
  • (むずか)しい()っても実際(じっさい)やってみる意外(いがい)簡単(かんたん)です
    Even though it is said that it is difficult, once you actually try it, it is quite easy.




    Although you could say that my hobby is fishing, it doesn't mean I am a good fisher.


    Although I say that it is a present, it is nothing special.


    Although I say that I like swimming, I can't do anything but the breaststroke.


    Although I say that my bag is heavy, yours is heavier.


    Although I might say that this problem is easy, it will still take time to solve.

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~と言っても – Grammar Discussion

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  • Pablunpro



    I was studying this lesson (N3 lesson 3: 13/22 nowadays), and found that ‘何と言ってもなんといっても’ is a set expression with its own meaning: after all is said and done; no matter what people say; in the end.

    Could it be included as a Fun Fact at the end of the lesson, as it seems a quite useful expression?

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • pzarzuela


    Hi, this is my first time using this and i’m very glad to found it. ^-^

    I have a question about the second example in this grammar point.


    I think that this “食べれる” might be “食べられる”, but i’m not really sure. I don’t know if it is possible to say this in informal context.

    PD: sorry for my English mistakes :S

  • Pablunpro



    It is indeed the potential form of the ichidan verb 食べる, 食べられる.

    However, you can find it as 食べれる due to a practice called ら抜き(言葉), pulling out ら.

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