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N1 Lesson 4: 7/17


If ~ should, Before ~ should


Verb[る]+ なら(1) + Verb[る]+ で
[い]Adjective + なら(1) + [い]Adjective + で
[な]Adjective + なら + [な]Adjective + で
Noun + なら + Noun + で

(1) のなら


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About なら〜で

なら〜で is a structure which appears in situations where the same word will repeat twice, followed by some sort of opinion in regard to it. It can be translated as 'if (A), you should (B)', or 'before (A), you should (B)'. In many cases it will be used to exhibit the speaker's dissatisfaction about something.
なら〜で may follow verbs in their standard forms, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives or nouns. Both なら and で are functioning as conjunction particles in this grammar pattern.
  • 仕事(しごと)するならするちゃんとしろ!
    If you are going to work, you should do it properly.
  • ()しいなら()しい(はじ)めっから()ってくれればよかったのに!
    If you wanted it, you should have told me so!
  • (いや)なら(いや)やめればいい。嫌々(いやいや)やっていても(だれ)のためにもならないでしょ。
    If you don't like it, you should quit. Continuing something you don't want to do does not benefit anyone.
  • (やす)なら(やす)ちゃんと(やす)んでください。仕事(しごと)のことはわたしたちに(まか)せてもらって全然(ぜんぜん)いいんで。
    If you are going to take a break, please take a break. You can leave work to us, so no need to worry about that.
This nuance is different to ば~で, なら〜で, and たら~たで, which are used when conveying that something either is or is not an issue in relation to (A). With this pattern, なら〜で will only appear following な-Adjectives.




    Boss: 'If you are going to paint, then (you should) be more careful.'


    11 p.m., child: 'I need watercolors for school tomorrow.'
    Mother: 'If you needed it, you should have told me sooner. The shops are already closed.'


    Daughter: 'I have already been waiting at the airport for an hour!'
    Mother: 'If you were already waiting, then you should have called me sooner…'


    Girlfriend: 'To be honest, my stomach hurts...'
    Boyfriend: 'If your stomach hurts then you had better lie in bed. Leave the rest to me, ok?'


    Irritated wife to her husband who is sluggishly eating: 'If you are going to eat, you should do it properly!'

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