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N1 Lesson 4: 8/17


Making nothing of, Ignoring, In defiance of, Regardless of, Disregarding


Verb + + ものともせず(に)
[い]Adjective + + ものともせず(に)
[な]Adjective + + + ものともせず(に)
Noun + ものともせず(に)


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About をものともせず

をものともせず is a combination of the adverbial particle を, the noun (もの) 'thing', the particle とも 'even as', and the negative form of する paired with classical auxiliary verb ず, せず. The common translations of 'to make nothing of (A)', or 'in defiance of (A)' are quite close to the more literal translation of 'without making (A) a thing'.
As を must follow a noun, this expression may only be used after nouns, or nominated phrases.
  • 谷口(たにぐち)選手(せんしゅ)(あし)(ふる)えているのをものともせず、レースを完走(かんそう)した。
    Taniguchi completed the race, regardless of his shaky legs.
  • (かれ)らは(そと)(あつ)いのをものともせず一日中(いちにちじゅう)街頭(がいとう)募金活動(ぼきんかつどう)をした。
    Regardless of it being hot outside, they spent all day on the streets fundraising.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)危険(きけん)なのをものともせずに、子供(こども)たちを(たす)けに()った。
    She went to help the children, ignoring the danger.
  • (かれ)手首(てくび)怪我(けが)をものともせず試合(しあい)優勝(ゆうしょう)した。
    He won the match despite his wrist injury.
をものともせず will often follow negative words which are being praised as something that a person was not affected by 'did not make a think of' in their response to it.
をものともせず will not be used when talking about one's own actions.
  • (わたし)(あらし)をものともせず(うみ)にドライブに()った。
    Ignoring the storm, I went for a drive to the beach. (Unnatural Japanese)



  • 勇敢(ゆうかん)ボランティアたちは零下(れいか)30()気温(きおん)をものともせず行方不明(ゆくえふめい)子犬(こいぬ)(さが)(つづ)けた。

    In defiance of the -30°C temperatures, the brave volunteers continued searching for the lost puppy.

    • (きび)しい経済状況(けいざいじょうきょう)をものともせず、アンブレラ(しゃ)(かぶ)急騰(きゅうとう)した。

      Regardless of the tough economic situation, Umbrella Corporation stocks shot up.

      • 清瀬(きよせ)灰二(はいじ)選手(せんしゅ)(はい)がはげしくあえぐをものともせずに最後(さいご)まで頑張(がんば)って勝利(しょうり)した。

        Haiji Kiyose, ignoring his lungs desperately gasping for air, pressed on and managed to be victorious.

        • 彼女(かのじょ)政敵(せいてき)からの揶揄(やゆ)をものともせず選挙(せんきょ)(たたか)()き、大統領(だいとうりょう)()()()った。

          Disregarding the mockery from her political opponents, she fought to the bitter end and won the presidential seat.

          • 上司(じょうし)反対(はんたい)をものともせず提案(ていあん)()(とお)した。

            Making nothing of the objection of their superiors, they insisted on the proposal.

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