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As ~ as possible, Wherever practicable


なるべく + (Action) Phrase


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About なるべく

Combining ()る (to become), and () (to be permissible), なるべく is an expression that literally means 'as each opportunity becomes permissible/presents itself'. This is often simply translated as 'as much as possible', or 'whenever possible'.
なるべく (usually written in hiragana) is regularly used before an entire phrase, to express that (A) should happen as much as possible.
  • (そと)()かけときなるべくドアカギかけてください
    When you go out, lock your doors as often as possible.
  • 仕事(しごと)(つか)ていてもなるべく夕食(ゆうしょく)()てください
    Even if you are tired from work, please eat dinner whenever possible.
Due to なるべく expressing the 'possibility', or 'having the opportunity' to do something, it will sound considerably softer/more polite than できるだけ. できるだけ is a similar expression which more directly states that something will be done 'to the full extent possible'.
  • 明日(あした)できるだけ(はや)()
    Tomorrow, please make sure to come as early as possible.
  • 明日(あした)なるべく(はや)()
    Tomorrow, please come as early as possible.



  • インフルエンザかかった(とき)なるべくゆっくり(やす)ほうがいい

    When you catch the flu, you should rest as much as possible.

    • なるべく(はや)連絡(れんらく)してください

      Please contact me as soon as possible.

      • なるべく正直(しょうじき)(はな)してください

        Please speak as honestly as possible.

        • 日本(にほん)()(まえ)なるべく(かね)()(ほう)がいい

          Before going to Japan you had better save as much money as possible.

          • 運転(うんてん)ている(とき)なるべく注意(ちゅうい)てください

            While driving, please be as careful as possible.

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