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If possible


できれば + Phrase
できたら + Phrase


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About できれば・できたら

Remembering that する has no potential form, the replacement る - Verb できる 'to amount to' will often be used in conjunction with particles, to indicate whether the possibility of amounting to something exists. The conjunction particles or たら will most frequently be used. できれば and できたら are usually translated simply as 'if possible'.
Both できれば and できたら will come at the start of a sentence, before the following statement will express some (desired) outcome.
  • 出来(でき)れば(くるま)()きたいけど電車(でんしゃ)()った(ほう)(はや)かもしれない
    If possible, I would love to go by car, but it might be faster by train.
  • 出来(でき)たら薬局(やっきょく)()頭痛(ずつう)(やく)()って()てくれる
    If possible, can you go to the chemist and buy me some headache medication?
As and たら are the only 'hypothetical' indicators that can express the process toward potential outcomes, using なら or と would be be illogical. This can be visualized as follows:
(A) できると - Will express the result after achieving (A), not what is required to get there.
(A) できるなら - As なら is just the hypothetical form of だ, It is used to make guesses about what could happen if the situation of (A) exists, not how that situation can be used to produce some other result.




    If possible, I would like you to make me a bento.


    If possible, I would like to talk with him directly.


    If it's possible for you to do that, I would appreciate it.


    If possible, I want to get this done today.


    If possible, I want to work at that company.

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できれば・できたら – Grammar Discussion

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  • mrnoone


    Hey @Kuromaku, or maybe, lord Momonga?

    In this case, those two are identical in meaning. From now on, both are accepted by srs.

    たら, unlike ば can be also used in non-conditional sentences, meaning when, after.

    When I was coming back home, I unexpectedly met Dominic.

    Though B is mostly something beyond control of the speaker.

    By the way:
    If SRS asks to put something “in another way”, then your answer is also considered correct!


  • Kuromaku



    You guys should probably add some hidden references to this show like you did for a few others

  • mrnoone


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