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N1 Lesson 8: 11/19


Even, Even for, Even from the perspective of, Even in the case of


Noun + にしたところで(1)

Less formal:
Noun + にしたって(2)



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About にしたところで

にしたところで or としたところで are two expressions that are used to indicate the hypothetical situation of (A), from within which the result of (B) will not change. These structures primarily express a lack of power over the ultimate result, or a lack of significant difference between (A) and any other potential choice. Translations include 'even in the case of (A), (B)', or 'even for (A), (B)'.
These structures combine either of the case-marking particles と or に with the past tense of する, した, the noun ところ, used for marking the situation, and the case marking particle で. It will directly follow nouns or noun-modified phrases.
  • 先輩(せんぱい)青木(あおき)さんにしたところで上達(じょうたつ)しなければいけない箇所(かしょ)はある。
    Even our senpai Aoki-san has areas where he can improve.
  • ノートパソコンにしたところで、Wi-Fiがないと仕事(しごと)ができない。
    Even with a laptop, if there is no Wi-Fi I can't work.
  • 1時間(じかん)寝坊(ねぼう)をしてしまったのでいくら(いそ)いだとしたところで(あいだ)()うわけがない。
    Even if I hurry, I am not going to make it because I overslept an hour.
  • ダイエットを(はじ)めたとしたところで(わたし)三日(みっか)坊主(ぼうず)だから(つづ)かないだろう。
    Even if I go on a diet, I have a short attention span so I don't think I will be able to continue.
These patterns can be thought of more simply as a combination of にする 'going with (A)' or とする 'as (A)', and the たところで 'even if (A), not (B)' grammar structure that indicates negative outcomes.
In casual situations, たところで will occasionally be replaced with たって.
  • (わたし)にしたってそんなことはしたくないけど、上司(じょうし)()われたからにはするしかない。
    Even if I don't want to do such a thing, my boss told me to, so I have no choice but to do it.
  • (あやま)ったとしたって社長(しゃちょう)(かれ)のことを(ゆる)さないだろう。
    Even if I apologized, he would probably not forgive him.




    He is in very serious condition. Even the genius-doctor Jack cannot do anything.


    Novel: 'Holo is said to be a wise god. However, even for her, there are days when she feels lonely like an ordinary human.'


    The new prime minister criticized the previous one, but it does not mean that even he can change the country's economy for the better.


    Everyone has faults. It is the case even for the perfect Tanaka.


    Even for the best lifeguard, it is impossible to watch over everybody in the pool.

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        Some of the としたところで/としたって examples follow 〜た form verbs but this isn’t explained anywhere on the page. It would be nice to have this clarified.

        Can にしたところで/にしたって also follow verbs as well?

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