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N1 Lesson 8: 12/19


Precisely because, Only because, Because, Due to


Verb[ば]+ こそ + Phrase
[い]Adjective[ば]+ こそ + Phrase
[な]Adjective + であれ + こそ + Phrase
Noun + であれ + こそ + Phrase
Phrase (A)。であれこそ + Phrase(B)


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About ~ばこそ

ばこそ will be used in a similar way to からこそ, indicating that (A) is the the precise reason for (B). It will be translated as 'precisely because of (A)', or 'it is only due to (A) that (B)'. This pattern is a combination of the conjunction particle ば, and the adverbial particle こそ, which is being used in a similar way to a sentence ending particle in this case.
ばこそ may follow almost any word type that has been adjusted into its hypothetical form. However, it will appear as であればこそ when used after nouns or な-Adjectives.
  • (むすめ)将来(しょうらい)(おも)ばこそ(じゅく)(かよ)わせます。
    Precisely because I am thinking about my daughter's future, I will make her attend cram school.
  • (いそが)しければこそ時間(じかん)効率的(こうりつてき)使(つか)うことができるようになる。
    Precisely because you are busy, you will be able to use your time more efficiently.
  • 健康(けんこう)であればこそ(とし)をとっても(たの)しい人生(じんせい)()ごせる。
    You will be able to enjoy life even if you grow old, precisely because of good health.
  • (ちい)さな会社(かいしゃ)であればこそ優秀(ゆうしゅう)人材(じんざい)必要(ひつよう)だ。
    Precisely because it is a small company, we need the best workers.
In many cases, (A) will be a reason that is difficult to conceive of as what would lead to (B) under normal circumstances, and therefore requires the speaker to emphasize it with こそ.
ばこそ is very formal, and a bit old-fashioned, so からこそ will almost always be the preferred choice in modern day Japanese.




    Company president: 'Precisely because we work together as members of the team, we can succeed. '


    It is precisely because parents think of the well-being of their children that they scold them.


    Precisely because there is sadness, there is also happiness.


    Precisely because studying Japanese is hard, it feels all the more rewarding.


    Human lifespan is limited. Precisely because of that, I plan to make life as enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling as possible.

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