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N1 Lesson 3: 8/17

にして + ()れば

For (A), In the case of (A), From (A)'s point of view, In the eyes of (A)


Noun + にしてみれば(1)

(1) にしてみたら


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About にしてみれば

にしてみれば, usually written completely in hiragana, is an expression used when the speaker is making a hypothetical statement about how something may appear from the point of view of another. It will often be translated as 'from the point of view of (A), (B)', 'in the case of (A), (B)', or simply 'for (A), (B)'. Literally, the meaning is 'assuming that I was (A) and then looking from there, (B)'.
にしてみれば will appear after nouns that represent a person, or organizations representative of people. It is a combination of the case-marking particle に, the て-form of する, and the hypothetical form of ()る, ()れば.
  • 上級者(じょうきゅうしゃ)には簡単(かんたん)かもしれないが、初心者(しょしんしゃ)にしてみればかなり(むずか)しいと(おも)う。
    For someone who is experienced it may be easy, but for someone new, I think it would be difficult.
  • 日本人(にほんじん)(わたし)にしてみれば日本語(にほんご)簡単(かんたん)だけど英語(えいご)(むずか)しい。
    As a Japanese person, Japanese is easy, but English is hard.
  • アニメをあまり()らない(ひと)にしてみれば、ポケモンもデジモンも(おな)じアニメだ。
    From the point of view of someone who doesn't watch anime, Pokemon and Digimon are the same anime.
As にしてみれば will exclusively follow words that indicate a person or a group of people, the (B) part of the phrase will usually discuss how the speaker assumes that they would feel given the situation. Because of this assumption, these sentences often finish with だろう, でしょう, かもしれない, and other similar structures.


  • ハリーにしてみれば(やさ)しくしてもらうなど、(はじ)めて経験(けいけん)だった。

    For Harry, it was the first time he had ever been treated kindly.

  • (そば)から()ればただの(やす)っぽいペンダントだろうが、ラクにしてみれば貴重(きちょう)(おも)()(しな)になっている。

    It might appear to be a mere cheap pendant from the side, but for Raku, it has become a precious memento.

  • 大人(おとな)には非常(ひじょう)簡単(かんたん)だが、(ちい)さな子供(こども)にしてみればかなり困難(こんなん)なことかもしれない。

    For an adult, it is very simple, but for a small child, it might be quite hard.

  • 彼女(かのじょ)冗談(じょうだん)のつもりだったが、(かれ)にしてみれば(わら)(ごと)ではなくて3週間(しゅうかん)彼女(かのじょ)(はな)さなかった。

    She intended it as a joke, but for him, it wasn't a laughing matter, and he didn't talk to her for three weeks.

  • (わたし)たちにとっては危険(きけん)すぎるようにみえる(かれ)生活(せいかつ)は、彼自身(かれじしん)にしてみればごく普通(ふつう)のことなのでしょう。

    His life that seems too dangerous to us, is likely quite ordinary for him.

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