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N1 Lesson 4: 5/17


Surrounding, Related or relating to, Associated with, Connected to


Noun (A) + にまつわる + Noun (B)


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About にまつわる

Making use of the う-Verb まつわる 'to coil around', にまつわる is a formal grammar pattern that follows nouns and expresses that something broadly discusses the topic of (A). It is usually translated as 'surrounding (A)', 'associated with (A)', or 'connected to (A)'.
In most cases, まつわる will be both preceded and followed by a noun, with the preceding noun being the topic, and the following noun being the thing that is dealing with that topic.
  • (ぼく)(ちい)さい(ころ)は、おじいちゃんにこの地域(ちいき)にまつわる(こわ)(はなし)をよくしてもらってた。
    When I was little, my grandfather used to tell me scary stories connected to this area.
  • この監督(かんとく)映画(えいが)戦争(せんそう)にまつわる映画(えいが)(おお)い。
    Many of this director's films are related to war.
  • (かれ)はこの神社(じんじゃ)にまつわる神話(しんわ)には(くわ)しい。
    He is familiar with the myths connected to this shrine.
まつわる itself is primarily seen when (B) is some sort of information or explanation related to (A). Because of this, (はなし) 'tale', 物語(ものがたり) 'story', 伝説(でんせつ) 'legend', 神話(しんわ) 'myth', and similar words will often appear as (B).
Fun Fact
(まつ)わる shares the same kanji as (まと)まる, another common verb that means 'to come together', or 'to consolidate'. Although the kanji itself is rarely used outside of books, it may help to remember the nuance being conveyed in まつわる of 'coming together'. This 'coming together around (A)', or simply 'surrounding (A)' translates the feeling of the structure quite accurately.



  • この物語(ものがたり)はとある魔術(まじゅつ)禁書(きんしょ)目録(もくろく)にまつわるものである

    This is a story surrounding a certain magical index.

    • この神社(じんじゃ)にまつわる伝説(でんせつ)神話(しんわ)(かぞ)えきれない。

      There are more legends connected to this shrine than one can count.

      • ブログ記事(きじ):「(ねこ)にまつわる英語(えいご)慣用表現(かんようひょうげん)(せん)

        Blog post title: 'A selection of 6 English idioms related to cats.'

        • (よう)貴妃(きひ)には美貌(びぼう)にまつわる漢詩(かんし)数多(かずおお)(のこ)されている。

          There is quite a bit of remaining poetry relating to Yang Guifei's beauty.

          • アクア女神(めがみ)にまつわる神話(しんわ)この(まち)代々(だいだい)(つた)えられている。

            A myth surrounding the goddess Aqua has been passed down in this town for generations.

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