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Opportunity, Occasion


Noun + ()に(して)


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About を機に

When used as a noun, () ‘opportunity’ indicates a time that is being used as suitable chance to do something. It is slightly formal and will usually be translated as ‘on the occasion of (A), (B)’. However, due to this grammar point being a construction of the adverbial particle を, (), and the case-marking particle に, it is indicating that the speaker is actively making use of the opportunity of (A)’. Due to this, it can be understood as ‘taking advantage of (A), (B)’, or ‘taking advantage of the time of (A), (B)’ on many occasions.
() will directly follow nouns marking (A), before going on to explain how that (A) was utilized as an opportunity.
  • (つま)妊娠(にんしん)()タバコを()めることにした。
    Taking advantage of the time of my wife’s pregnancy, I have decided to quit smoking.
  • 車検(しゃけん)()(あたら)しい(くるま)()うことにした。
    On the occasion of my car inspection, I have decided to buy a new car. (Due to being told that the current car is probably beyond repair)
  • 彼氏(かれし)(わか)れたの()(あたら)しいバッグを()った。
    Making the most of the breakup with my boyfriend, I bought a new bag. (In order to feel new and fresh)
  • 7年間(ねんかん)使(つか)っていた携帯(けいたい)がとうとう(こわ)れた。これ()機種(きしゅ)変更(へんこう)することにした。
    My cell phone, which I had been using for 7 years, finally broke. I decided to take this opportunity to change the model.
() tends to be used most frequently when (B) is an action that the speaker is choosing to take primarily with (A) as the enabling factor, or being a good excuse.


  • 小説(しょうせつ):「3ヶ月(かげつ)()にやっと病気(びょうき)完治(かんち)し、これ()入院(にゅういん)()(はじ)めて退院(たいいん)することができた。」

    Novel: 'In the third month, she was finally completely cured of her illness, and this opportunity allowed her to leave the hospital for the first time since hospitalization.'

  • 伝記(でんき):「大学(だいがく)卒業(そつぎょう)()大阪(おおさか)(うつ)り、プログラミングの(しょく)()ることができました。」

    Biography: 'On the opportunity of graduation, I moved to Osaka and was able to land a programming job.'

  • 演説(えんぜつ):「今回(こんかい)訪問(ほうもん)()、より(おお)くのアメリカ(じん)日本(にっぽん)(はたら)くことに興味(きょうみ)()つことを(ねが)っています。」

    Speech: 'We hope that this visit will provide an opportunity for more Americans to be interested in working in Japan.'

  • 小説(しょうせつ):「結婚(けっこん)()たまひこは東京(とうきょう)(はな)れ、千葉(ちば)(まち)でゆずきとふたりの(しん)生活(せいかつ)(はじめ)じめた。」

    Novel: 'On the opportunity of getting married, Tamahiko left Tokyo and started a new life with Yuzuki in the town of Chiba.'

  • 伝記(でんき):「ひろしは56(さい)(とき)故郷(こきょう)(もど)ったの()両親(りょうしん)墓参(はかまい)りに()った。」

    Biography: 'When Hiroshi returned to his hometown at the age of 56, he took the opportunity to visit his parent's graves.'

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