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N1 Lesson 8: 15/19


Inline with, Based on, In accordance with


Noun + (そく)(1)(て)
Noun + (そく)した(1) + Noun



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About に即して

(そく)して is a formal grammar structure which is used to express that something is being done for the purpose of handling a matter in the best possible way. It is a combination of に, and the する-verb (そく)する 'in corcordance with (A)', ' in line with (A)' in its て-form. Occasionally, (そく)して 'in following with' will be used instead.
This structure will be used before nouns, or may be used when one noun is directly modifying another. In the case of the latter, (そく)した will be used instead of (そく)して.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)のルール(そく)して副業(ふくぎょう)をしてはいけない。
    In line with the company's rules, you may not work a second job.
  • あの監督(かんとく)はちゃんと事実(じじつ)(そく)して映画(えいが)(つく)るから、映画(えいが)()るだけでいろいろなことが(まな)べる。
    That director makes his films in accordance with the facts, so you can learn a lot just by watching his films.
  • 法律(ほうりつ)(そく)した勤務(きんむ)時間(じかん)(しゅう)40時間(じかん)にも(かか)わらず、あの会社(かいしゃ)社員(しゃいん)(しゅう)70時間(じかん)(はたら)かせている。
    Work hours in line with the law is 40 hours a week, but that company makes its worker work 70 hours a week.
  • 外国人(がいこくじん)であろうと、日本(にほん)にいる(かぎ)り、日本(にほん)法律(ほうりつ)(そく)した(ばつ)(あた)えられます。
    No matter if you are a foreigner, as long as you are in Japan, you will be punished in line with Japanese law.
(そく)して is used when things are being done based on circumstances or situations, while (そく)して tends to be used when something is being done in accordance with laws, policies, or standards. There are situations where (そく)して will be incorrect, so (そく)して is often used in both cases in recent years.
  • この計画(けいかく)現実(げんじつ)(そく)していません。
    This plan does not follow with reality. (Unnatural Japanese)




    The law that is in line with the time should be established without being bound to old-fashioned customs.


    The movie was made in line with actual circumstances.


    The dispute between McRonald and SFC will be handled in line with local law.


    We will pay cost compensation that is in line with company policy within 30 days.


    The petition must be submitted to the minister in charge, in line with the policy.

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