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N2 Lesson 2: 24/24


Take care, Be careful, Pay attention, Make sure, Watch out

Often used with ないように


Noun + ()をつける
Verb[ない]+ ように()をつける


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About に気をつける

Another of the large number of collocations in Japanese based on () 'attention', or 'focus', is ()()ける. This is just a combination of the noun (), を, and the る-Verb ()ける 'to adhere', or 'to attach'. ()()ける primarily follows (A) に. This marks (A) as something that the speaker is 'adhering' their attention to, and translates as 'to pay attention to (A)', 'to be careful of (A)', or 'to watch out for (A)'.
This grammar pattern is used after nouns or noun-like phrases, indicating the thing that is being warned about, or that the speaker themselves is being cautious of.
  • 最近(さいきん)電車(でんしゃ)痴漢(ちかん)沢山(たくさん)いるらしいから(あや)しい(ひと)()をつけ(かえ)ってくるんだよ。
    I hear there are a lot of perverts on the trains these days, so watch out for suspicious people on your way back home.
  • (くるま)歩道(ほどう)横切(よこぎ)(とき)には歩行者(ほこうしゃ)()()けましょう
    Be careful of pedestrians when you drive through a sidewalk.
Most often, ()()ける will be used to warn about possible errors that could be made, mistakes, or simply the loss of focus. Due to this, it frequently follows negative verbs as ないよう, highlighting that something should be done in a 'manner' that doesn't result in (A).
  • このギターは(おれ)(ねえ)ちゃんのやつだから(こわ)さないよう()()てね。
    This guitar belongs to my sister, so please be careful not to break it.
  • 今月(こんげつ)はお(かね)無駄(むだ)(づか)いしないよう()()よう。
    This month, I will be careful not to waste money.




    The ice is slippery, so please watch your step.


    Pregnant women should be careful of their health.


    Since the stairs are steep, take care not to fall.


    Mother: 'When you are eating next to the computer, take care not to spill water on it.'


    When you are crossing the street, watch out for cars.

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