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N1 Lesson 7: 6/17


To not be worthy, To not be enough, To not be sufficient, To lack

に足らない is an older variant.


Verb + ()りない


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About に足りない

()りない is a grammar expression appearing after the dictionary form of verbs used to indicate that something is 'not worth (A)', or 'not sufficient for (A)'. It comes from a combination of the case-marking particle に, and the る-Verb ()りる 'to be sufficient', or 'to be enough'.
This structure is formal, so will mostly be used in literature or formal speech settings.
  • (かれ)陰謀論者(いんぼうろんしゃ)だから、あの(ひと)のいうことは(しん)じる()りない
    He is a conspiracy theorist so nothing he says is worth believing.
  • あの(ひと)自分(じぶん)()くみせるためだったら、すぐに自分(じぶん)失敗(しっぱい)(ひと)のせいにするから、(かれ)信頼(しんらい)する()りない
    He will blame others for his own mistakes, just to make himself look good, so he is not worth trusting.
  • ブランド(ものう)のバッグをリサイクルショップに()りに()ったけど、買取(かいとり)金額(きんがく)()()りない金額(きんがく)だった。
    I went to sell a designer brand bag to a secondhand store, but the purchase price was not enough for me to sell it.
While ()りない may be similar to another grammar point, (), in that they are conversely pointing out the worth, or lack of worth of something, they are actually different verbs. ()る is an う-Verb, and is often used more in literature, or in western Japan. This means that the negative form of ()る is ()らない, not ()りない.
Both ()りない and ()らない may be used as part of the set phrase ()るに()りない, 'to be worthless', or 'to not be worth taking up for discussion'.
  • (まわ)りから()ると()()りない、ただのゴミだが、(わたし)にとっては大切(たいせつ)なコレクションの一部(いちぶ)だ。
    From the perspective of the people around me, it's nothing but a worthless piece of garbage, but to me they are an important part of my collection.
  • この部品(ぶひん)()にたらない(もの)のように()えるかもしれないが、これが(こわ)れたら、この機械(きかい)(うご)かなくなる。
    This component may seem insignificant, but if it breaks, this machine will stop working.




    From another person's perspective, it is nothing but a worthless, small shell, yet for me, it is a souvenir of that day.


    Article: 'The likes of failure are not worth fearing at all. It is because of mistakes, that we grow as people.'


    Not even one word of Roger Kint is worth believing.


    Due to the fast-paced life, modern humans have a tendency to ignore the beauty of nature regarding it as something that is not worth our attention.


    As a result of his repeated lies, the boy who cried wolf has come to be regarded as untrustworthy by the villagers.

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