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N1 Lesson 8: 18/19


Not limited to, Not restricted to, Not only


Noun + (かぎ)ったことではない


    About に限ったことではない

    (かぎ)ったことではない is a fairly emphatic expression that, like several other grammar patterns, makes use of the う-Verb (かぎ)る 'to limit'. It is a combination of the case-marking particle に, the past tense of (かぎ)る, (かぎ)った, the noun こと 'thing', the conjunctive form of the auxiliary verb だ, で, the adverbial particle は, and the い-Adjective, ない. The literal translation is 'it is not something that is limited to (A)', but other common interpretations include 'not only (A), but (B)', or 'not restricted to (A), (B) too'.
    This structure will be used following nouns, and tends to be reserved for fairly formal situations.
    • 最近(さいきん)若者(わかもの)挨拶(あいさつ)ができないと()われているが、若者(わかもの)(かぎ)ったことではない
      It is said that young people these days can't greet people, but it is not limited to young people.
    • 今日(きょう)(かぎ)ったことではないが、なんか仕事(しごと)する()にならない。
      It is not limited to today, but for some reason I don't feel like working.
    • 文法(ぶんぽう)(むずか)しいのは日本語(にほんご)(かぎ)ったことではない
      Grammar being difficult is not something that is limited to Japanese.
    This grammar pattern often indicates that (A) is something that is not especially rare, so should not be, or does not require to be treated in any special way.


    • うつ(びょう)人間(にんげん)(かぎ)ったことではない動物(どうぶつ)でもうつ(びょう)診断(しんだん)されることがある

      Depression is not limited to humans. Even animals can be diagnosed with depression.

    • 敬語(けいご)(なに)日本語(にほんご)(かぎ)ったことではない()言語(げんご)あるか、また過去(かこ)あった

      Honorifics are not restricted to Japanese at all. Other languages also have it, or had it in the past.

    • 松岡(まつおか)さん宿題(しゅくだい)(わす)今日(きょう)(かぎ)ったことではない

      Mr. Matsuoka forgetting to do his homework was not limited only to today.

    • オレオレ詐欺(さぎ)(だま)される年寄(としよ)(かぎ)ったことではない大人(おとな)(だま)される。

      It is not only the elderly who are deceived by the 'ore ore' scam. Adults are too.

    • 科学(かがく)(しゃ)によると少子(しょうし)()なにも日本(にっぽん)(かぎ)ったことではないこと。すべて先進(せんしん)(こく)における問題(もんだい)そう

      According to scientists, the declining birthrate is not limited to Japan at all. It seems that it is a problem in all developed countries.

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