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N1 Lesson 9: 1/20


Unbecoming of, Unworthy of, Not proper for, Should not, Must not, Cannot


Noun (A) + ある(1) + まじき + Noun (B)
許すまじき + Noun



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About まじき

まじき is the attributive form of まじ, a classical auxiliary verb that has been replaced almost entirely by まい 'must not', 'should not' in modern Japanese. まじ itself has this same meaning of 'must not', and will only be seen in a very limited number of formal expressions. Although slightly different in nuance, まじき is often translated simply as 'not proper for (A)', or 'unbecoming of (A)' in each case.
The most common pattern that まじき will be seen in is (A) にあるまじき (B), where the case-marking particle に follows a noun, then is linked to the う-Verb ある, before まじき will connect to a second noun.
  • 生徒(せいと)()()げることは先生(せんせい)にあるまじき行為(こうい)だ。
    Raising your hand to a student is unbecoming of a teacher.
  • (かれ)飲酒(いんしゅ)運転(うんてん)という警察官(けいさつかん)にあるまじき行動(こうどう)をし、クビになった。
    He was fired for drunk driving, an unbecoming behavior for a police officer.
Occasionally, に will be replaced by として 'as', with the rest of the structure remaining the same.
  • 先日(せんじつ)斉藤(さいとう)首相(しゅしょう)総理(そうり)としてあるまじき発言(はつげん)をし、SNSで炎上(えんじょう)している。
    Recently, Prime Minister Saito has been under fire on social media for making comments that are unbecoming of a prime minister.
  • (かれ)医師(いし)としてあるまじきミスをしてしまい、医師(いし)免許(めんきょ)剥奪(はくだつ)された。
    He made a mistake that was unbecoming of a physician and was stripped of his medical license.
(ゆる)すまじき 'must not be forgiven', or simply 'unforgivable' is another pattern that may be seen.
  • (あお)運転(うんてん)のような(ゆる)すまじき行為(こうい)をした場合(ばあい)免許(めんきょ)()()しになります。
    If you commit unforgivable acts such as tailgating, your license will be revoked.



    ララティーナは貴族(きぞく) にあるまじき態度(たいど)で、(あま)やかされた子供(こども)のようにふるまいをした。

    Lalatina behaved in a manner unbecoming of a noble, like a spoiled child.

    戦場(せんじょう)から離脱(りだつ)することは武士(ぶし) にあるまじき行為(こうい)(とが)められ、(ばっ)せられた。

    Fleeing from the battlefield was condemned as unbecoming of a warrior and punished.

    ()うまでもないが、公金(こうきん)横領(おうりょう)など政治家(せいじか) としてあるまじき行為(こうい)だ。

    It goes without saying, but something like misappropriation of public funds is an act unbecoming of a statesman.


    Richard was tarred with the stigma unbecoming of the position of the king and was eventually dethroned.


    Novel: 'Saying whatever one wants, without thinking deeply might be allowed for an ordinary person, but for a diplomat, it is a misdeed that cannot be forgiven.'

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