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Strong judgement, There is something, Feel strongly that


Verb + ものある
[い]Adjective + ものある
[な]Adjective + +ものある


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About ものがある

ものがある is an interesting grammar structure in Japanese that is used to declare that something has a particular trait of (A), according to the speaker's subjective opinion. Often, ものがある is translated as 'I feel strongly that (A)', or 'there is something (A) about (B)'. The latter meaning is very close to the literal translation here, as もの 'thing', がある 'there is' implies that the speaker strongly senses the presence of (A) within (B), even if they themselves cannot figure out why they feel that way.
ものがある is primarily seen following verbs in either their dictionary or negated forms, い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives followed by な.
  • この映画(えいが)(ひと)(こころ)(うご)かすものがある
    This film has something that moves people's hearts.
  • (かれ)(はなし)には納得(なっとく)いかないものがある
    There is something about his story that I don't agree with.
  • 自分(じぶん)()きなことを仕事(しごと)にできるのは、(うれ)しいものがある
    There is something delightful about being able to do what you love for a living.
  • 子供(こども)だけで(かわ)(あそ)ばせるのは、危険(きけん)ものがある
    There is something dangerous about letting children play in the river alone.
As ものがある emphasizes the existence of (A) within (B), it is very common for the emphasized には to also be used in place of に when highlighting the topic.
Caution - Although 'I feel strongly that (A)' is a common interpretation of ものがある, it is important to remember that the actual thing that is generating that feeling within the speaker may either be very strong, or very weak. In other words, ものがある may be used even when something isn't obvious about (A), so long as the speaker themselves feel strongly about it.
Fun-fact - ()見張(みは)るものがある is a set phrase that is a combination of ()見張(みは)る 'to be astonished', and ものがある. In most cases, this expression just means that (B) is extremely surprising or impressive.
  • (かれ)運動(うんどう)神経(しんけい)()さは()見張(みは)るものがある
    His athleticism is remarkable.




    In Japanese traditional art, there is something that really moves your heart.


    It is very hard to stand in line in the bitter cold, just to eat something delicious. (strong judgment)


    I feel strongly that this restaurant's menu will bring in people.


    (I feel strongly that) there is something about your haiku that words cannot describe.


    I felt strongly that his last words were inspiring.

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    Kind of a nit-pick, but wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to say that this grammar point emphasizes “the existence of (B) within (A)”?

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