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N2 Lesson 2: 7/24


Focused on, Centered on or around, Mainly, Most notably


Noun + 中心(ちゅうしん) + (1)
Noun + 中心(ちゅうしん) + にした(2) + Noun

(1) にして、として
(2) とした


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About を中心に

When combined with nouns, the expression 中心(ちゅうしん) indicates that something is being 'focused on' or 'centered around'. Occasionally, it may also be translated simply as 'mainly (A)', or 'most notably (A)'. 中心(ちゅうしん) itself is a noun that expresses the 'pivot', or 'central focus point' from which something else is occurring. The case marking particleに just marks '(A) 中心(ちゅうしん)' as the target that is being focused on.
  • あのアイドルは若者(わかもの)中心(ちゅうしん)人気(にんき)(あつ)めている。
    That idol is gaining popularity, mainly among young people.
  • (わたし)(いま)日本語(にほんご)文法(ぶんぽう)中心(ちゅうしん)勉強(べんきょう)をしています。
    Currently, I am focusing my studies on Japanese grammar.
Due to 中心(ちゅうしん) itself marking a 'central point', it may also be used just to express the middle of something, rather than something that is being concentrated or focused on.
  • 明日(あす)からは札幌(さっぽろ)中心(ちゅうしん)大雪(おおゆき)()るところがあるでしょう。
    There will be heavy snow in some areas, mainly in Sapporo, starting tomorrow.
By adding する in either its dictionary or past forms, 中心(ちゅうしん)にする or 中心(ちゅうしん)にした may appear before another noun. This will highlight the noun that comes after as being the overall thing through which the 'focus on (A)' is taking place.
  • この業界(ぎょうかい)ではお客様(きゃくさま)中心(ちゅうしん)にすることが一番(いちばん)重要(じゅうよう)なことだと()われている。
    It is said that the most important thing in this industry is to focus on the customers.
  • これからはクライアントの提案(ていあん)中心(ちゅうしん)にした(はな)しを(すす)めたいと(おも)います。
    From now on, I would like to proceed with a focus on the client's proposal.
  • ここはスケートボード中心(ちゅうしん)にしたポップアップストアです。
    This is a pop-up store focusing on skateboards.
Additionally, the case-marking particle と may sometimes replace に. This change will put more nuance on the focus point being conclusive, rather than progressive or decisive.
  • 健康診断(けんこうしんだん)()ったら先生(せんせい)()(もの)中心(ちゅうしん)とする食生活(しょくせいかつ)はやめるようにと()われた。
    When I went to my physical check-up, my doctor told me to stop centering my diet around fried food.




    Mako leads a life centered around computers.


    The world revolves mainly around Teruhashi-san.


    Weather forecast: 'Rain will fall mainly in Kyuushuu tomorrow.'


    As always, my son always thinks in terms that are focused on money.


    You will get even better at Japanese if your practice is centered around (improving) your accent.

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