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    About ぞ

    ぞ is a sentence-ending particle that is used for emphasis in a similar way to よ. However, it is quite a bit stronger and primarily only used by men. While よ may simply state a point or a fact, ぞ is usually reserved for more forcefully highlighting something. In many cases, it will just be translated as an exclamation point.

    ぞ may be used at the end of any sentence, but can only follow conjugatable words such as verbs, adjectives, and auxiliary verbs.

    The speaker frequently uses ぞ simply to encourage or convince themselves, rather than specifically directing the statement at another.


    Although uncommon, ぞ may also be used as an adverbial particle in the same way as は. In sentences like this, it is more emphatic and draws extra attention to the topic itself.

    • これ日本車(にほんしゃ)だ。
      Now, this is a Japanese car.
    • 着物(きもの)日本(にほん)文化(ぶんか)だ。
      Kimonos are Japanese culture!

    Additionally, this use of ぞ as an adverbial particle may also follow question words such as どこ ‘where’, (だれ) ‘who’, なに ‘what’, etc.

    • (だれ)()()せ!
      Someone, give me a hand!
    • こんな(よる)(おそ)くまで、どこ(なに)をしていた?
      Where were you and what were you doing out this late at night?

    This use is also emphatic, but not quite to the same extent as with standard nouns.




      I lost the key… Now this is troublesome!


      Yahoo! The experiment went well!


      I am running behind schedule. I will hurry up!


      Your running is slow! Run faster!


      Hero: 'I will not let that monster freely do whatever it wants!'

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