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Via, Through, After (experience at job, university, etc.), Pass through


Noun + ()


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About を経て

() is a fairly formal grammar point used when highlighting a passage of time, or an event that took a certain amount of time. ()る itself is a る-Verb that means 'to elapse' or 'to pass' in terms of time. The difference between it and ()ぎる 'to pass time' is that ()ぎる focuses on having reached the end point, while ()る focuses on what was happening for the whole period leading up to that end point. Because of this, () can also be translated as 'having undergone (A)', due to the emphasis being on the preceding action.
() will directly follow nouns, and the rest of the sentence usually then goes on to describe the significance of that passage of time or experience, or what happened as a result.
  • (わたし)たちは2019(ねん)出会(であ)って、(やく)2年間(ねんかん)交際(こうさい)()結婚(けっこん)しました。
    We met in 2019, and married after going through two years of dating.
  • 日本(にほん)への留学(りゅうがく)()日本(にほん)文化(ぶんか)などを(なな)ぶことができました。
    Through my study in Japan, I was able to learn about Japanese culture and other aspects of the country.
  • (ひと)色々(いろいろ)経験(けいけん)()成長(せいちょう)していく。
    People grow through various experiences.
As it is a formal structure, () is often seen in biographies, introductions, and similar media.




    Chitoge and Raku finally married after going through about ten years of dating. (through・via・experience)


    Short bio: 'Graduated from the department of science, Waseda University. After (having the experience of) working at Google, he started his own business in 202X.' (through・via)


    Newspaper: 'After going through all of the necessary procedures, the mine acquisition will be complete.' (through・via・experience)


    Even after several generations, the dispute still continues. (through・via・experience)


    From Berlin, via Rome, to Buenos Aires. (through)

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