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N2 Lesson 1: 20/23


Leave 〜 up to, Entrust 〜 to


(Task) Noun + (Target) Noun + (まか)せる
(Target) Noun + (Task) Noun + (まか)せる


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About ~を~に任せる

(A) を (B) に(まか)せる is a structure used to highlight that something is being 'entrusted' or 'left up to (B). This can be thought of as a standard function of the る-Verb (まか)せる 'to entrust'.
In (A) を (B) に(まか)せる sentences, (A) を will identify the task, while (B) に will identify the person or thing that (A) is being left up to.
  • (わたし)(いそが)しいから、あなたにペットの世話(せわ)(まか)せてもいい?
    Is it alright if I trust you to take care of my pet since I'm busy?
  • 先月(せんげつ)入社(にゅうしゃ)して()たばかりの新人(しんじん)くんにあの重要(じゅうよう)なプレゼン(まか)せたの?
    You entrusted that important presentation to a newcomer who just joined the company last month?
Fun-fact - Although this expression often highlights people that some task is being left up to, it is also frequently used when some eventuation or result is being left up to chance or fate.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)()()えるかどうか神様(かみさま)(まか)せる
    I'm going to leave it to God to decide if I can go out with her or not.
  • あの会社(かいしゃ)(はい)れるかどうかは(うん)(まか)せる
    I'll leave it to luck if I can join that company or not.




    I always leave the important presentations up to him.


    I will leave the cleaning up to the trainee.


    Whether or not a miracle happens I will leave up to the gods.


    I tried entrusting writing the address on the invitation to the new employee.


    I entrusted repairing the antenna to my son.

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