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N4 Lesson 9: 15/16


-ification, -ization, To make something, To change, To become, Transform into


Noun + ()(する)
Noun + () + する(1) + Noun

(1) した


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About 化する

() by itself is a suffix in Japanese which means 'to change', or 'to transform'. When paired with する, it means 'to transform into (A)', where (A) is the noun that () is connected to. This structure is regularly translated as '~ification', or '~ization', and similar suffixes in English.
  • あと数年(すうねん)運転(うんてん)自動(じどう)()する
    In a few years driving will become automated.
  • (わたし)仕事(しごと)書類(しょるい)データ()する
    At work, I digitize documents.
When the する is connected to another noun, it may occasionally appear as した, or with attached to the end of it. This will indicate that there is a relationship between (B) and (A).
  • (れっ)()した(いえ)()(なお)仕事(しごと)たい
    I want a job rebuilding deteriorated homes.
  • 日本(にほん)紙社会(かみしゃかい)なので仕事(しごと)オンライン()するのは(きび)
    Since Japan is a paper society, digitalization of work is difficult.
However, in formal/scientific writing, the する (and ) may sometimes be dropped.
  • 日本(にほん)高齢(こうれい)()(すす)でいる
    In Japan, the population is aging progressively.


  • それ単純(たんじゅん)()した英語(えいご)のように()

    It appears to be simplified English.

  • 20世紀(せいき)経済(けいざい)成長(せいちょう)原因(げんいん)(ひと)自動(じどう)()(かんが)えられている

    It is considered that automation is one of the sources of economic growth in the 20th century.

    Notice that Noun+化 doesn't have to be followed by する, and can be simply treated as a noun.

  • (とう)さん、アプリこうやって最小(さいしょう)()するの。

    Dad, you minimize apps like this.

  • その(あら)たなタイプ電池(でんち)商品(しょうひん)()する計画(けいかく)がある()われている

    It is said that there are already plans to commercialize that new type of battery.

  • プラスチック(えき)()する方法(ほうほう)エネルギ産業(さんぎょう)一変(いっぺん)させかもしれない

    The plastic liquefaction method might revolutionize the energy industry.

    液化法 can be translated as liquefaction.

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化する – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (4 in total)

  • asdfpotato


    About 2 years ago

    I’m looking at this sentence, and I’m really not sure why this one is 化 instead of 化する?


    The only thing that I can think of is that in this particular case, 自動化 may be a commonly accepted adverb? Japanese Dictionary

  • nekoyama


    About 2 years ago

    原因の一つは自動化だ - one of the causes is automation

    原因の一つは自動化する - one of the causes is automating itself (nonsense, and the following だ would be ungrammatical)

  • Superpnut


    About 1 year ago

    I have a question about a hint I’m getting in the picture below.

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