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N3 Lesson 10: 20/20

influence, impact, control

左右 + する(1)
左右 + する(1) + Noun

(1) される
左右 + します(1)
左右 + する(2) + Noun

(1) されます
(2) される
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左右(さゆう) is a 名詞(めいし) (noun) that may literally be translated as ‘left and right’. This particular noun is quite often used as a する verb, in order to convey the level of control someone has over a specific situation. This control may be translated as ‘influence’, ‘impact’, ‘dictate’ or simply ‘control’.
左右(さゆう)する may be used by itself, when describing a whole clause, or it may be followed directly be another noun, to show exactly what is being controlled/influenced.
  • 新(あたら)しくできる法律(ほうりつ)によって国民(こくみん)自由(じゆう)大(おお)きく左右(さゆう)するかもしれません
    Depending on the new law that is being made, it may influence the freedom of its citizens.
  • 砂糖(さとう)入(い)れるか入(い)れないか、味(あじ)大(おお)きく左右(さゆう)することがある。 Depending on whether you put in sugar or not, there are times where it influences the flavor greatly.
  • 商品(しょうひん)値段(ねだん)はお客(きゃく)さん商品(しょうひん)買(か)うか買(か)わない左右(さゆう)することがある
    There are times when the price of a product dictates whether the customer will buy it or not.
  • 肉(にく)焼(や)いてからタレいれること、味(あじ)大(おお)きく左右(さゆう)する原因(げんいん)の一つだ
    Cooking the meat before you add the sauce is a factor that will greatly impact the flavor.
左右(さゆう)する is frequently seen in the passive form 左右(さゆう)される. This is used most often when the noun following される is the thing that is being controlled itself, rather than こと or もの referring back to an earlier statement.
  • この人(ひと)話(はな)す人(ひと)意見(いけん)左右(さゆう)されること多(おお)です
    This person's opinions are easily dictated by those they talk to.
  • 農業(のうぎょう)天気(てんき)に大き左右(さゆう)される仕事(しごと)です
    Farming is a job that is largely controlled by the weather.
左右(さゆう)する implies direct (A)’s direct control of (B), and is far stronger than 影響(えいきょう) ‘to affect’. Due to this, 左右(さゆう) may be thought of as being closer to ‘to dominate’ in English. In Japanese though, the most basic description is 思(おも)うままに動(うご)かす ‘to move exactly as one wishes’.
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Website about fashion, title of an article: "Polishing shoes influences the shoe’s lifespan and beauty."
History book: "Ancient Greeks believed that their lives were influenced by gods."
Business article: "The new law may influence the demand for electric cars."
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